Gran Paradiso per tutti

With P4blo, discovering the Gran Paradiso area

The Gran Paradiso area is truly for everyone: even our friend P4blo, a curious alien from an unknown planet, agrees!

Among fascinating landscapes, millenary history, sports for every season and culinary traditions to be discovered, the Espace Grand-Paradis welcomes you.

Unité des Communes valdôtaines Grand-Paradis:
a photograph of the area

A territory of great beauty that contains 13 gems to be discovered: the municipalities of Arvier, Avise, Aymavilles, Cogne, Introd, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Rhêmes-Saint-Georges, Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Pierre, Sarre, Valgrisenche, Valsavarenche and Villeneuve.

Here, between Piedmont, France, the valleys of Gran San Bernardo and Mont Blanc, time seems to have stopped: carve out a moment of tranquility against the backdrop of unspoiled nature, embraced by the great breath of the mountains.

Between sport, nature and good food

The Gran Paradiso area offers something interesting to do in every season.
If you love sports, discover the valleys by mountain bike, by trekking or, if you are more daring, by canoeing along the rivers.
Castles, small villages, large parks and mountains offer continuous opportunities for wonder while traditional dishes will satisfy even the most demanding palates!


In summer or winter, the Gran Paradiso area contains infinite possibilities for sports enthusiasts.
During the summer, experience the area with horseback riding, trekking or mountain bike rides.
If, on the other hand, you love adrenaline, there is nothing better than rafting or canoeing to discover the waterways in an unprecedented way.
Do you want to admire the panorama from above? Experience the thrill of paragliding or climbing!
And when the snow falls, everyone is on the slopes with cross-country skis, alpine skis or snowshoes.


In spring and summer, immerse yourself in nature among breathtaking landscapes, wildlife and trails for all levels

Mountain Bike

In the Gran Paradiso National Park, numerous paths of varying difficulty under the gaze of the Gran Paradiso massif and its perennial glaciers 

Rafting and canoe

A unique experience on the Dora Baltea or on the numerous streams to experience nature in an unprecedented way

Horse riding

One of the best ways to experience nature in a gentle way. Rediscover the pleasure of slow rhythms: you will have plenty of time to admire the landscape


From the top of the clear skies of the Aosta Valley you will be able to experience the area from a totally new perspective!


Natural rock gyms or via ferratas to experience independently or with the help of our alpine guides


To approach the mountain in a fun way, immersed in fresh snow and in the silence of sleeping nature

Cross-country / Alpine skis

Hundreds of km of slopes wind through pristine environments with routes suitable for everyone, from experts to beginners

Ski touring

Practicable from November to June, the itineraries are numerous and suitable for all levels.

Food and wine

Cheeses, cured meats, wines, liqueurs and typical products tell the story and identity of the territory through processes that are rooted in tradition and raw materials of the highest level.
Discover the cellars of local producers, unmissable especially during the harvest period, taste the typical cheeses including the famous fontina and fall in love with baked goods such as black bread and tegole.

Cheeses and cold cuts

Fontina, toma, seras but also lard, ham and typical sausages to discover the true taste of the Aosta Valley

Between wines and cellars

Dry whites and velvety reds to discover the traditions of the area, also through wineries and winemakers

More flavors to discover

The black bread, healthy and tasty, the light and crunchy “tegole”, the typical grappa, the very fragrant génépy liqueur: which ones will you try?

Art and culture

Castles, rural houses, parish churches: walking in the Gran Paradiso area it is easy to come across fascinating testimonies of the past. Among these, the castles of Aymavilles, Saint-Pierre and Sarre, the Maison Bruil where the ancient techniques of preserving and processing food are revived, the churches of Saint-Léger and Sainte Marie of Villeneuve, rich in sacred art.
Wood crafts and traditional music still have great space: Cogne is famous for the folk group Lou Tintamaro!


Among the most famous are the Royal Castle of Sarre, the Castle of Saint-Pierre which houses the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences, the Castle of Aymavilles, Sarriod de La Tour, Introd, Avise, Châtel Argent, La Mothe

Churches and rural houses

The former contain true treasures of sacred art, the latter will take you back in time to a totally rural Aosta Valley

Roman architecture

The Roman bridge-aqueduct of Pont d’Aël is just one of the many testimonies of the passage of the Romans in the Gran Paradiso area!


The traditions of the area are still very much alive, and music is no exception: let yourself be conquered by the rhythms of the Lou Tintamaro de Cogne group!


Wood, leather, fabrics, wrought iron: the artisan tradition of the Gran Paradiso area speaks of imagination and creativity


The Gran Paradiso National Park will enchant nature lovers with its larch and fir woods, large prairies, glaciers and waterfalls. The whole territory offers spectacular mountains, and it is not uncommon to come across numerous animals including ibexes, chamois, deer, marmots, wild boars, owls and owls. Also not to be missed is the Paradisia botanical garden, which will enchant you with about 1000 species from the Aosta Valley mountains and from all over the world.

The National Park

Once a hunting reserve of the Savoia family, it was the first national park in Italy. Wonderful in all seasons, its dense network of paths winds through wonderful landscapes where it is easy to come across the local fauna

The other mountains

The valleys offer a spectacular view of suggestive mountains including the Grivola immortalized by Carducci, Mont Fallère, Granta Parey: all to be discovered!

The fauna

Especially in spring it is possible to meet chamois and ibex that go down to the valley in search of the first grass: an unforgettable experience!

Unité des Communes valdôtaines Grand-Paradis


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